BX Sports featured on New iTunes App

We are proud to present the most in-depth mobile Sneaker application on the market.  
Let MySneakers help you find the pair of kicks that you have been searching for (and maybe some that you haven’t) at a store nearest to you any where in the world.
We are scouring the planet everyday, for the latest shoes and shops to add to our database so that we can bring the most variety to your fingertips.
Check us out on the iTunes App Store to add to your iPhone or iTouch!


LATEST- Sneaker/Stores/Blogs are listed in order of latest upload into the app.
TOP 10- Sneaker/Stores/Blogs listed are based on the current communal rating.
FAVORITES- Users can select specific Sneaker/Stores/Blogs as their favorites to list.
RECOMMENDED- This list of Sneaker/Stores/Blogs are the recommendations of the MySneakers team of the coolest/trending shoes of that month
SEARCH- Users can search search for Sneaker/Stores/Blogs through name, brand, product code, colors, styles, materials used, release date, product category or any combination of the above.
NEARBY- With GPS locator on, users can click on the NearBy button and a list of the stores closest in proximity will appear. Map These Stores- Using this function will open up maps in the Iphone to map the stores listed.
RATING- Users can rate a Sneaker/Stores/Blogs and rate the shoe from 1 star to 5 stars.
DETAILS SCREEN: Users are able to view up to 4 images of the Sneaker/Stores/Blogs selected, and can view details such as: name, brand, product code, release date, colorway, category & materials.
FIND IT- Tapping this button will open a list of STORES that are tagged to the shoe the user is viewing. Stores will be listed by proximity to the user.
SHARE- Users can “share” their latest Sneaker/Stores/Blogs findings with their friends on Facebook and Twitter


MySneakers makes it easy for you to discover new sneakers, stores and blogs thanks to our innovative, easy to use app. By utilizing of the “Latest” section of the app, you can effortlessly browse the newest sneakers in our database. Our “Top 10” section of the app lists the highest rated sneakers, stores, and blogs as determined by other MySneakers users, or if you’re looking for a more informed opinion, you can take a look at our “Recommended” section, where the MySneakers staff selects the trending shoes of the month. If you already know what you’re looking for, use the easily accessible search function within the app to scan our ever expanding database in order to stay current with your favorite brands, blogs, and stores. 

Once you’ve done your homework, MySneakers will help you find your favorite kicks. By tapping the “Find It” button, MySneakers will use GPS to pinpoint your location, letting you know what stores near you have what you are looking for, map those stores out, and even obtain directions so you don’t lose your way

MySneakers always keeps you connected, allowing you to easily share and discuss your findings on both Facebook and Twitter. You can publish sneakers found with the app directly to your Facebook homepage, with the option of personalizing the post with a short message. If tweeting is more your thing, you can let all of your followers know what you think by using the integrated twitter panel instead.

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