PumaxClassic Kicks R698

Sneaker boutique Classic Kicks has worked with Puma on some special make-ups of the R698 sneaker.

“With the PUMA R698 Classic Kicks Collection, we pay tribute to eight years of unsurpassed contributions to sneaker culture. Thanks to their unique perspective and understanding of sports heritage, Classic Kicks chose to lend their touch to the R698 for the running sneaker enthusiast.

This version of the R698 mixes both PUMA and Classic Kicks’ legacies with nostalgic 90s color combos and über soft, comfy-cozy materials: padded Lycra mixed with leather and nubuck, and topped off with mesh overlays. PUMA’s old school Trinomic technology is hailed in the reflective, hexagonal graphics across the heel, and in the river on the outsole.

Accompanying the R698 kicks is a neoprene laptop bag. The bag features Trinomic branding as well as bright color schemes to match the shoes.”

Will be released in February 2011.


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  1. My man Adam over at Puma approached me and asked if Classic Kicks wanted to make an exclusive sneaker with Puma for the shop. I dont know how many of you remember that collection but it came out in 2002 I think and it was a collaboration with Jill Sander where all the sneakers were made from different pieces of thrift shop materials. I think it also came with some info on what pieces the materials originally came from and I think you could also track the lineage with serial numbers on the internet.

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