Air Jordan 11 Retro Concord



  1. How much would it be for a size 3 and a size 7 and how many of each size will you guys have? Thanks

  2. how much will it be for a size 10?

  3. Will you have these at the NJ store?

  4. How much would it be for a size 9?

  5. What time does the Mosholu Pkwy store location open and will they have them there?

  6. When will it be available ? Plus how much for size 13?

  7. do you guys have the concord 11 socks in stock at the store at Pelham Parkway?

  8. I was wondering, what’s the available rate of a size 10, like, how many size ten concords will be available tomorrow? Also .. will the cool white 11 box come with the sneaker? And whats going to be the price ?

    • Don’t know how many size 10’s will be available. Yes men sizes come with the white box. They will be 180$+Tax.

      • Thank you, but, should I be confident that there will be size 10s available ?

  9. How much would it be for a size 12 or 13

  10. Do the kids sizes bring the white box too?

  11. how much are the 6/12

  12. what time do you guys open tmmrw the store under the train?

  13. Will u have the AJ 11 in the gateway mail?

    • *Mall

  14. Which location aren’t they sold out in? Need info ASAP

  15. you guys told me be there by 10 o’clock and get your pair, I went there and there all sold out .. thanks alot.

    • Exactly me too , and they sold out in 5 min wen they open , I don’t understand if u don’t have enough for everybody why don’t tell everybody so they could save their valuable time

  16. Are the concords still in stock in a size 5.5

  17. Are the concords still in stock in a size 5.5 at the Pelham Parkway bx sports ?

  18. I was there since 4 bro , you guys only hold like 5 like why have everybody wait there sleeping time and u don’t even got enough for the first 25 heads ????? Never going there again

  19. how much will it cost for a size 8? and do you deliver

  20. DO you have the black & white size 8.5 left @ any store??

  21. Are you all getting a restock of these anytime soon? BTW the 10 pair at the NJ store……#nobueno Next time just give out wristbands

  22. I was on line Frm 4:30am second in line waiting patiently to 10am. I’m a SZ 9-9.5. Second in line waiting for hours in the rain. When I enter the store. The manager told me sizes 8-10.5 where sold out. Unbelieveable my mother works down the street at the dental office where all her co-workers come to your store on Jerome ave for there kids. I’ve been going to this location store for years on the 23rd of dec every year with no problem. The 3 workers who were selling them for $300-$350 should get fired when there’s a line of people waiting when they should of got them. The people of the Jerome ave store are assholes Rey all new workers that where never there beside the big fat Spanish guy who was there last year and now he’s selling them on the side. I filed a report to the better business bureau. Also Ive filed a report with Nike and they are investigating the situation. They waiting for me to talk to the main supervisor for a outcome on this problem. I’ve got my Space Jams cool Greys playoff 8’s and who knows how many years with you guys from foams to asolos and new releases. This is B.S and I’m def not stopping till those 3 employees that work at that location fired. BxSports was a Good store you guys fell off

    • To Our Customers

      We would like to thank all of our customers who have supported BX Sports throughout the years. On Dec. 23rd, Nike released the Air Jordan 11 Retro Concord and there was a big turn out at all of our BX Sports stores. We apologize to all the customers who were not able to obtain a pair in their size. Although we would like to have accommodated everyone who stood on line, unfortunately, we received a limited amount of pairs and sizes, and were not able to satisfy everyone. Hopefully, for the next big release we will receive enough pairs. Again, we thank you for the support you have given us, and hope to continue to please you and the community.

      Thank you,

      BX Sports

  23. Will you guys get another shipment of Concords ??

  24. how much for size 5

  25. Do Any Stores Have The 11’s For A Size 8 Any Bx Or Any Other Store

  26. Hey are you guys still selling these?

  27. Do ya still have these in a size 9.5

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