A Letter To Our Customer







  1. You guys are truly legit. You didn’t have to address this issue, but you did. Much props for that

  2. Knowing that you guys were only gonna have a limited amount and allowed the lines to get really crazy its not cool at all

  3. Knowing that you guys had a limited amount and still allowed the lines to get crazy is not cool at all. You guys should learn to accept positive and negative feed you guys are not all that good.

    • Chris it seems like you are not happy with the way we handle things and that’s why we wrote this apology but the lines outside are not under our control. Everyone who knows about this shoe knows there are only a limited amount of pairs and if you are number 100 on that line, should know that they are not getting a pair. Also all of our regular customers that have been shopping with us for previous releases know how crazy it can be. It was just unfortunate that this shoe was the craziest so far and people would have done almost anything to get a pair. Thank you for your response and hope that you like the way we handle the Retro 10 “Chicago Bulls” release.

  4. Knowing that there was only a limited amount and still allowed the lines to get crazy wasn’t cool at all.

  5. Lol apology i was 5th guy on line and u sold out lmao is all good i dont shop at bx sports no more

    • Not your control ? But one of your employees is laughing and taking pictures of us , for her amusement and publicity of your store . This is unacceptable . You should have at least gave the memo to us people civilians , how dare when I called you say first come first serve , you actually meant first come first SERVED. Because only one person was enough lucky to get a pair not even 10 , goodbye

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