1. will i be able 2 buy sneaker and boots on yuor website

  2. Hi, how do I go about applying for a job at your location on 650 Gateway Center @ Bronx Terminal Market? I know the store is not opened yet but i would sill like to know is it possible to apply for jobs now. Thank you 🙂

    • We will be post on thesite when we will be hiring.

      • Hi i would like to know where do i go to apply

      • applications are giving out every monday

  3. i love jordens the true flights

  4. about when will you guys start hiring for the one that will be opening @ 650 Gateway Center @ Bronx Terminal Market

  5. hey i would like to know how to apply to store located on 5616 Bergenline Ave
    West New York, NJ 07093

  6. i would love to work at the location on jerome ave i live like two blocks away i have two yrs exp. in a sneaker store let me knw when ya hiring thank u

  7. Hello, I would like to know when you will be hiring for the location in West New York,NJ. It looks like a very good opportunity, I know some things about sneakers and I would be very interested in working there. If you can please notify me when you will be hiring it would be great. Thank you.

  8. hello. i would like to know if you could make pre orders for the royal blue foamposites yeah i know it’s a bit early but i would like to ensure i can get a pair i know they gonna sell like hot cakes!

  9. Hi, how can i apply for a job at Bx Sports located at White Plains Road ?

  10. Just visited the Bergenline location from TX definately luved the service very nice & knowledged gonna shop online 4 sure… Muah! Thnxs

  11. Good morning,

    I’m trying to find the “Bronx” Varsity Jacket preferably in the gray colorway. Will you be able to confirm which one of your stores currently has it in stock. In an extra large. Thank you in advance for your help….

  12. Love your space in the gateway center. I am interested in retail space at that facility. Would you be able to tell me who to contact about that? Thanks in advance for any assistance that you may provide!

  13. how old you have to be to work for bx sports & are you guys hiring ?

  14. Hey how you doing your cousin sabrina in orlando fl is my boss she was telling about your store and I was interested in a couple a sneaks

  15. i use to work at bxsports n got fired can i re apply

  16. wat if i was fired

  17. do ya still do the application every monday

  18. how do i apply ? do i go in ? at what time and day

  19. are ya hiring anytime soon

  20. How do i apply for a job at the BX sports located at 650 Gateway Center, Bronx Terminal Market

  21. hey how old must you be to work at BX sports? also how would i got about of applying for the job ? and lastly would they be able to work around my schedule?

    • You must be 16 years old with working papers.We give applications every Monday. Yes they will.

  22. What Time Does The Store in Westchester Open Tomorrow saturday April 16, 2011 ?

  23. Does The store in Westchester Ave Have The New Bordeaux 7s Retros in Size 7 In Stock ?

  24. Which One Of all These Stores Has The Bordeaux 7 Retros in Stock ?

  25. Which Store Has The New Bordeaux Retro 7s Intstick in Size 7 ?

  26. Which BX Sports is hiring as of now?

    • You have to check @ that store. Applications are giving out on Monday’s.

  27. i applied for a job at the bx sports store around white plains road, normally how long does it take to receive a callback?

  28. what time you guys open?

  29. Hi, What is the age requirements to work here ?

  30. Are any of the stores in the bronx currently hiring? I’m looking for a job. If there’s an open position, please let me know by email at anggie1990@hotmail.com. Thanks.

  31. When will you guys start hiring?

  32. I would like too know if the location on Gateway Mall is currently hiring at this moment or if there are any open positions ?

  33. do you guys do phone orders?

  34. I applied for a job got an interview and got told i will get a call back if theirs openings ,should i wait or re-apply?

  35. do you guys accept phone orders?

  36. Ya got the AIR YEEzY’s in red?

  37. Wassup , are you guys hiring?

  38. what time do you guys open on black friday?

    • All Stores @ 10am *EXCEPT Gateway Center Mall. They will be open @ 8am.

  39. I applied got an interview and got called back saying theres no open position, so can i re apply?

  40. how do i apply to bxsports?

    • Applications are giving out on Monday’s at any store

  41. Would the stores be open tommorow?

  42. I like all your stuff that you have in stock everyday

  43. How old do you have to be to apply?

  44. Hello just wanted to give you guys an idea .. I am from Ny currently living Kissimmee Florida I think you guys will make a killing out here in the south.. In the area that i am in the population here is pretty big.
    I really miss Ny i miss the shopping . I do visit with my Fam once a yr and i always come through the store on Pelham Pkwy to purchase and bring back to Florida. Or maybe take under consideration to open a site that you can actually order .

  45. yall taking pre-orders on the Galaxy foams???

  46. how many pairs you guys getting

  47. The closest one to Manhattan is the Westchester Ave. right?

    You will also be handing out applications? What are you qualifications and requirements? What should I bring?

  48. Are you guys hiring?

  49. Hello, Im interesed in working at the Jerome location, i live a few blocks away. Im curious as to know when can I apply?

  50. Are you guys hiring ?

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